Core Competencies Workshop

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The Department of Labor is funding twelve Bio-Link programs to work together on identifying core competencies for biotechnicians.


Presented by: Dr. Jeanette Mowery, Madison College, and Dr. Linnea Fletcher, Austin Community College


There have been many efforts over the years to determine what biotechnology technicians must know to be successful in their jobs. These have been published in regional and national skill standards documents that can be accessed through the Bio-Link Clearinghouse. The current effort focuses on the identification of skills that are held in common across biotechnology industry sectors and is supported by the recent Department of Labor TAACCCT grant that was awarded to the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials, a consortium of 12 community colleges led by Forsyth Tech Community College in North Carolina.

This document is a draft of "common core" technical skill competencies that are considered to apply broadly to most biotechnology workplaces. Specialized skills, such as operating a flow cytometer or performing the polymerase chain reaction, while critically important in some settings, are not considered to be core and are not included here. This draft document is provided for discussion and evolution. Please participate in this process!


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