Drowning in Data? Help Solve a Murder Mystery

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Presenter: Sandra Porter


Get Cn3D 



Part I. Get Cn3D going

A. Download 1NAJ.cn3

  • Turn structures
  • Move structures without turning
  • Make structures bigger / smaller
  • Change rendering style
  • Change coloring style
  • Show and hide parts of a structure
  • Make color key

B. Become familiar with Cytochrome Oxidase C

  • Look at chains - how many?
    • try different coloring styles - what do you see?
  • Look at active site
    • rendering style tubes, coloring style element
    • heme by a copper
  • Look at metal bonds
    • select copper at the active site
    • Select by distance - 5 angstroms
    • Show selected
    • change rendering style to Ball n Stick
    • Clear highlights


Part II. Talk about Bio-ITEST bioinformatics curriculum for high school students

NSF ITEST grant to NWABR, Digital World Biology, EdLab Group, in collaboration with Shoreline Community College

Combines career education with bioinformatics & DNA barcoding & bioethics


Part III. Solve the mystery

  • Divide into groups & get your structure - these are normal & mystery structures superimposed with VAST
  • Work with your group to solve the mystery
  • Present your results and theory to the class