Practicing Social Media in a Safe Setting

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1.  What social media tools does Bio-Link use?

Bio-Link uses a List Serve, Facebook, LInkedIn, RSS, and Twitter to reach out and communicate with our community.

  •    Reach out to industry, students, and alumni, post and share jobs, poll & get feedback from biotech community
  •    post updates, share pictures, info
  •    People can subscribe to our blogs and site via RSS
  •    Post links to news items
  •    Send email


More info in the Bio-Link Guide to Social Media

2.  Shared note taking with Twitter:

3.  Tweet chat examples:

                  Science education journal club:  #SciTeachJC


4.  Sign up for Twitter account. 

5.  Post something you've learned at Hi-TEC - use #hitec2012 as the hash tag.

           What is a hash tag?   A "#" is called a "hash"

          A tag is a word or phrase to describe something.


Twitter Safety advice:  

  • Do not click links from people you don't know
  • Do not follow your students - use a hash tag for discussions