Event: 2010 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum

In this workshop, we will analyze microarray data that were obtained from the GEO database at the NCBI. GEO is a database that contains expression data such as data from microarray experiments and from Next Generation DNA sequencing experiments like RNA-Seq. The instructions and links to Geospiza's GeneSifter analysis software (from Geopsiza, Inc.) are available at Digital World Biology. To get there: 1. Go to Digital World Biology ( ) 2. Select "Bioinformatics Tutorials" 3. Select "Exploring with microarrays: how do plants respond to drought?" Read more
This guide provides the basics on how to connect with Bio-Link using each of the following tools. Begin by selecting one of the "get started" links. A hands-on workshop will be offered in June, 2010 at the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum in Berkeley. Why use social media tools? Stay connected with Bio-Link colleagues Stay up-to-date in your field of interests Share resources Promote your events Discover new connections (people and resources) Why use ... Biolink's listserv : To communicate via email for sending and receiving announcements, posting questions, etc. LinkedIn : For professional networking and resum? posting. Great for job ... Read more