Austin Community College

Degree / Certificate and Credential(s): 
Associate's Degree
Post-baccalaureate certificate
InnovATEBIO member(s): 
Linnea Fletcher
Jennifer Lazare
Poornima Rao
Joseph Oleniczak
Robert Mouton
Josh Beckham
Richard Nuckels
Kissaou Tchedre
Evelyn Apple
Myong Chul Koag
Program Website(s): 
Austin Community College Biotechnology Program Austin Community College Regional Bio-Link Center
School Partner(s): 
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders
L.C. Anderson High School
Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Harmony Science Academy - Pflugerville
Georgetown High School
Irvin High School
Maxine Silva Health Magnet High School
East View High School
Navarro ECHS
Akins High School
Cedar Ridge High School
Grant Support: 
DUE 2055607, Dual Credit High School-Community College DNA Sequencing and Genomics Project DUE 1901984, InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center DUE 1501207, Austin Community College Bio-Link Regional Center Wagner Peyser Grant Texas Emerging Technology Fund Department of Labor DUE 1003852, Stem Cell Pipeline DUE 1118679, Community College Undergraduate Research Intitiative Perkins State Leadership Grant  Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Award Type(s): 
State Grant
US Department of Labor (DOL)

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