Madison College

Degree / Certificate and Credential(s): 
1yr degree
Associate's Degree
Post-baccalaureate certificate
Stem Cell Technology
InnovATEBIO member(s): 
Mary Ellen Kraus
Oana Martin
Lisa Seidman
Jeanette Mowery
Elise Van Ginkel
Program Website(s): 
Madison College Biotechnology Stem cell certificate
Grant Support: 
DUE 1801143 Building New Pathways to Biotechnology Technician Careers DUE 1801123 Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing of Cell and Tissue-Based Products DUE 1501553  Scaling Implementation of Stem Cell Technical Education: A Collaborative Project:  The grant seeks to improve and expand technical education in stem cell technology and regenerative medicine. Madison College received funding from the Department of Labor TAACCT program as part of the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials. #TC-23761-12-60-A-37
Award Type(s): 
US Department of Labor (DOL)

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