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Bio-Link Resources

The Bio-Link community has created a wealth of publications and multi-media resources that discuss the biotechnology industry and careers to help students learn about opportunities, and help employers understand how biotechnology programs train a highly qualified workforce. Resources for instructors include information about establishing biotechnology programs with guides, teaching tools, equipment donations, and ready-to-go curriculum. Other resources, such as keynote presentations and video interviews share perspectives and practical how-to's for work and communications. 

For the past few years, Bio-Link has been part of a consortium of community colleges that have been working to identify skill standards in multiple areas related to the ... Learn More
What is a Course-in-a-Box? Each Bio-Link Course-in-a-Box™ is a collection of resources that an instructor would need to adapt and introduce a new course. These ... Learn More
Bio-Link members have created many videos about biotechnology. Biotech instructors share teaching experiences and knowledge of the industry. Partners/program members provide ... Learn More
Bio-Link has commissioned or drafted several freely avaible publications realted to the biotechnology industry and biotechnology education at both the college and high school ... Learn More
What can you do with a biotech degree or certificate from a community or technical college? Visit our companion site, Biotech Careers to learn more. Learn More
Bio-Link How to Guides are short introductions to teaching selected topics in biotechnology and bioscience programs at two-year colleges. Learn More