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Deb Audino from Great Bay Community College demonstrates how to assemble an Applikon Bioreactor.  This video also shows her following an SOP, documenting her work, and using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

After your cells have grown, you may also want to learn how to take your ... View video

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Sandra Porter
Virtual single use biomanufacturing home page

Deb Audino from Great Bay Community College, NH, demonstrates how to purify Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).   View video

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Fri, Mar 27 2020
Virtual Cell Counting lab


Dr. Bruce Van Dyke, Quincy College, MA, will talk about the on-line system he and Yakov Cherner developed for introducing students to concepts in upstream single-use biomanufacturing. Funding for this project was provided by the National Science Foundation's ATE program, through ATE project grant DUE 1902673, and from a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCT grant.

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As described in on the event page, the Biosciences Industry Fellowship Program, hosted by Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem North Carolina, was three weeks of packed action. The first week included visits and ... View video

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QC training vials
As described in on the event page , the Biosciences Industry Fellowship Program, hosted by Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem North Carolina, was an action packed three weeks. The first week included visits and workshops in partnering schools. During the second week we participated in a week long green fluorescent protein biomanufactuing workshop that covered the gamut from 30 liter fermentation, to isolation, to purification, to filling vials in sterile conditions. In the last week we visited and toured area biotechnology companies and closed with presentations by the participants. Photos from the workshop are below. ... Read more


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mouse IgG
Presenter : Sonia Wallman, PhD Description : Biomanufacturing education and training at community colleges took off in the late 1980's through the development of the earliest biotechnology hands-on education and training programs in industry clusters in California, Massachusetts and North Carolina. Community college biomanufacturing programs follow local industry need-early programs focused on biopharmaceutical production and analysis. Recent growth of industrial biotechnology in locales across the nation has led to the development of programs focusing on bioenergy; sustainable energy production and distribution; production and analysis of microalgae, yeast and bacterial industrial bioproducts and biodiesel production and analysis. The presentation shows the ... Read more