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Sandra Porter
Laney biomfanufacturing students holding DIYBIO kits - photo credit Doug Bruce
Fri, May 8 2020
We got this mural

This Friday, we will discuss the design and use of molecular diagnostic tests for detecting SARS-CoV-2, specifically, quantitative RT-PCR. This test uses Reverse transcriptase to make a copy of the novel coronavirus RNA, and fluorescent probes to measure the amount of viral RNA in a sample.

Dr. Meei-Li Huang from the Virology division at the University of Washington will join us. Dr. Huang is part of a group that has been working on the front lines since late February to evaluate quantitative PCR assays and test people for COVID-19.

We will also talk ... Read more

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Fri, May 1 2020
We will thrive

We've been working in this crazy situation for a few weeks now and it's time in this fifth webinar to check in and see how everyone is doing, learn about the ways you've risen to the challenge, and see how InnovATE BIO can help.

This Friday, in the first part of our session, Dr. Daiyuan (Daisy) Zhang from Del Mar College will tell us how about a strategy she devised for having her students prepare for doing research with SARS-CoV-2.

In the second part, we would like to hear from you and learn what you've been doing to adapt.

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Fri, Apr 17 2020

This informal webinar will address two main topics:

What are biotech companies doing to combat COVID-19? How can we have students explore biotech career opportunities in these crazy times?

This session will address an online website and database that students can use to explore biotech careers. The main tool we will use is , a career site and biotech company database developed by Digital World Biology , with funding from the National Science ... Read more

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Fri, Apr 3 2020 to Sat, Apr 4 2020
Street art - It will be okay

Dr.'s Linnea Fletcher and Sandra Porter will host a sharing session for biotech faculty. The topics will be: How do we keep our biotech programs alive when our labs are shutdown? How are we doing teaching online? What are we learning?


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