High school biotech

We discuss four kinds of projects that students can do to learn about molecular interactions between the novel SARS coronavirus and the cells it infects.

1. We use iCn3D to look at the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in closed and open conformations.
2. We search for the human ACE2 gene ... View video

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Wed, Jun 10 2020 to Thu, Jul 23 2020

Are you a high school teacher who would like to teach biotechnology? Or an experienced high school biotechnology teacher who would like to learn more or help other teachers learn?

The InnovATE BIO summer high school mentor workshop will focus on Biotechnology skills (both in and out of the lab), college and career soft skills, and active learning strategies for the high school Biotechnology classroom.

Teachers will :

Learn about the tools, foundational science, and applications of biotechnology; Access online curriculum which will provide ... Read more
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